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I live in Holland ( The Netherlands ).

RC-HelikopterThis RC-helicopter have I bought in 1976. But there is never flown with. From now (July 1999) I will try to fly with RC-helicopters.

enlargement from the technic More technic

This is my old RC-helicopter from 1976: a Micro Mold Lark mark 1 (picture from 1999)


After 100 hours on the CSM simulator the first flight (hoofer) went very well.


Homepage from my club.

GPS 52 03' 34'' N     05 03' 25''  E

The ERGO 50

Panorama 360 of our field

Finally the 2nd of April 2000 I flew for the first time (hooferd) with the ERGO 50.

14 May have mine club licence (I am allowed to fly alone on the club)

24 September mine KNVvL licence obtained. (official Dutch licence)


Heli's from club members


Politie striping


The current striping.

March 2005.

I have made my own helicopter design with a 140 eCCPM.

I use the parts from my Ergo 50. The name is Erphide 50, because it is a crossing between a Ergo 50 and a Sylphide 50.

Link to pictures Ergo 50 CCPM

Ergo 50 CCPM

Erphide 50


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Honda CB 450 K5 uit 1972This is my motor bike. It is in my possession since 1976.

Sold in 2008







Honda CB 450 K5 from 1972




Genealogy from the family Hartsink

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